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セリカ・ロケテスト動画(AC『ブレイブルー クロノファンタズマ』Ver2.0)

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Celica gameplay from Bururaji


A new heroine who leapt through time! Intense combination attacks with Minerva!

Drive: Minerva
The Drive ability of the finally playable Celica is “Dynamic combination attacks with Minerva”.
By inputting different directions, you can change the type of the combination attack. Basically, you can mash them in any order as soon as you land a successful hit!

The poses that they strike together are also a sight to see!

Throw: Kokonoe-made automaton “Minerva” throws the enemy away with an intense blast! (Also pay attention to Celica’s cute motions as she happens to be in the attack’s way!)

D attack: Pay close attention to the various attacks that these two perform by combining the button presses with directional inputs.

Special move - Ash Rotir: The two raise their fists upwards; perfect for attacking airborne opponents.

Overdrive - Rege Light: Not only do the Drive attacks become more powerful, but Minerva’s health also regenerates thanks to Celica’s powers!

Distortion Drive - Armure Sorbet: Of course, Celica can use her healing magic! It also happens to restore Minerva’s health, too! How much can this ability affect the battle?

Special move - Lance Quiche: Celica rides the transformed Minerva and charges forward!

Distortion Drive - Casque Velouté: Minerva transforms to deliver a powerful super-move of countless slashes! Celica is thrown away to safety before performing the attack!

[ credit to SoWL @ dustloop for translations ]